A Week of Pranayama June 7th-11th 6am-7am EST

A Week of Pranayama June 7th-11th 6am-7am EST

Without overstating the case, it’s pretty fair to say that breath is life. The Yogic teachings add that our breath is a reflection of our mind. If our breath is agitated, so is the mind. If our mind is agitated, so is our breath. If you want to calm your mind, starting with your breath is a good place to begin.

There are a lot of practices in the marketplace of wellness called “breath-work.” Pranayama is not breath-work. For one thing, as my buddy Robert Moses says, it makes it sound like work, and who wants to do more work?

Pranayama is the deliberate slowing (and sometimes speeding up) of our inhalation and exhalation, and the temporary pause of that flow, to move our attention and awareness inward. It makes the mind quiet. In that calm, we learn stuff about ourselves, and naturally prepare for meditation. Pranayama is the fulcrum on which our awareness can swing from the external to the internal, and it’s very cool to observe the process occurring.

During the course of this week we will progressively go through six of the primary pranayamas taught in the Hatha Yoga texts. We will also cover some practices called mudras, which are different hand positions to enhance the meditative experience, and bandhas, or the muscular contractions that support the smooth flow of the breath.

All workshops will be recorded for those who are too lazy to get up at 3am on the West Coast or in the middle of the night in Australia or you happen to be at work in Europe!

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Though our daily classes are by an optional donation, these special courses require a little bit of a commitment and minimum donation. Please give what you can afford, and if you are not sure, remember that we follow the local coffee rule of thumb. One yoga class = about 4 cups of coffee. We think a minimum donation of the price of 5 cups of coffee in your local currency is about fair for this course. We hope you think so, too! And if you can afford more, in USD, we suggest $80. Thanks!

This course will be taught by Eddie 🙂