Ashtanga Yoga 2021 and Beyond

Ashtanga Yoga 2021 and Beyond

Saturday June 19th
10am NYC | 3.00pm UK | Pune 7.30pm | Bali 10pm
This is a free event

The aim of this panel discussion is to being together an intergenerational collection of teachers and practitioners to discuss the living, changing tradition of Ashtanga Yoga. A healthy future can come from a skillful look at the past. Whether we care to admit it or not, this is indeed a changing tradition. We are learning from past mistakes and have to insure that we use our learning towards right action now and in the future.

To this end we are bringing together older voices of Ashtanga yoga into dialogue with a newer generation of teachers, some who are perhaps shaping its future, and it least one who has never been to Mysore yet has become an inspiring and inspirational force in sharing and teaching Yoga. We are bringing the old and new together in the Ashtanga community to share and learn from one another.

The discussion promises to be exciting and perhaps ground-breaking, touching upon issues such as inclusivity, the role of the teacher, and the meaning of tradition in current times. These are but a few of the fundamental topics that now require our further, collective reflection.

In order that each teacher’s voices are properly heard, we have divided the panel into two smaller groups with a short interlude in between. The event will be of respectful and thoughtful tone, and promises to be supportive of a caring Ashtanga Yoga community, and Yoga community in general, as an offering of open, collective communal reappraisal.

There is only one booking required and you can join for the 2nd group only if that is your preference.
With Deepika Mehta, Mark Robberds, Wambui Njuguna-Raisanen, David Swenson, Dany Sa, Chandana Bhowmick, Dmitry Baryshnikov, Tara Mitra, Corrie Ananda Preece, Richard Freeman, Mary Taylor, Harmony Slater, LaShanna Small, Day Christensen, Loreto Cortes, and Michael Baidoo.

Hosted by Adam Keen and Eddie Stern

Group One
10.00 am NYC | 3.00 pm UK | 7.30 pm India | 10.00 pm Bali

Group Two
Starts at 11.30 am NYC | 4.30 pm UK | | 9.00 pm India | 11.30 pm Bali