Broome Street Temple White on Black

Broome Street Temple White on Black


Our iconic Broome Street Temple tees have returned for a limited edition run. Shipping will begin on September 1st.

Our t-shirt is an homage to the NYC punk rock band The Ramones and the designer of the shirt, Arturo Vega, who was considered to be the 5th Ramone. He modeled his shirt design on the US Presidential seal, changing some key elements:

1. The arrows held by the eagle were replaced by a baseball bat
2. The olive branch was replaced by an apple tree branch
3. E Pluribus Unum in the banner was replaced by “Hey Ho, Let’s Go”
4. The stars above the eagle’s head were replaced by arrows
5. The red, white and blue shield was replaced with a square of arrowheads, a remembrance of the Native Americans perhaps.
6. The circle around the seal was changed to include the names of the four band members: Johnny, Joey, Dee Dee and Tommy.

The Ramones shirt debuted in 1976, and hasn’t stopped selling. Many who own the shirt couldn’t even tell you the name of a song by the Ramones.

The idea for the Broome Street Temple shirt came from my friend Kaustubha Das, who co-founded the Wisdom of the Sages podcast and was a board member and pujari at the Broome Street Temple. The changes he made to the Ramones design were:

1. Replace the baseball bat with a temple bell
2. Replace the apple tree branch with the temple fan used in puja
3. Replace the words in the banner with “Tat Kurushva Madarpanam,” from the Bhagavad Gita, which means “Everything I do is done as an offering to You (Krishna)”
4. Replace the band member names with Radha, Damodara, Shiva and Ganesha, the deities that were in our temple

The design was actually shown to Arturo Vega before he passed away, and he liked and approved the design, so in a way we have the blessings of the Ramones and the legendary fifth Ramone for our design!

This shirt has been a staple of our Yoga school and temple since 2003 or 4, but we haven’t printed new ones since we closed our school in Brooklyn in 2019. In this limited edition design, we have tilted two of the letters in Broome St. Temple as a nod to the logo of WITH. 10% of our sales will continue to go to the Invisible Girl Project in India, helping to end female gendercide and rescue young women and girls from trafficking.

Order yours while they last!


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