Classical Yoga

Classical Yoga


A Practical Course in Yogic Culture

Broome Street Gaṇeśa Temple, New York

6 classes (recorded)
Duration: 90 mins each

About: Yoga practice based on the classical yoga text – Patañjalis Yoga Sūtra. The goal is a state of deep meditation – restraining the senses and the mind to contemplation on one’s true nature. Patañjali describes the philosophy of Aṣṭāṅga Yoga in the second chapter. The bahir aṅgas (external practices) of yoga prepare the citta for the antar aṅgas (inner practices).

This course is a traditional yogāsana, prāṇāyāma, mudrā and pratyāhāra practice drawn from the various Haṭha Yoga traditions leading the sādhaka towards dhyāna. It is an adaptation of Kaivalyadham-s Traditional Yoga Practice.

The classes begin with a ground meditative awareness followed by prayer and recitation and explanation of selected Yogasūtra-s followed by yogāsana and other practices. The primary focus is on cultivating awareness and directing the citta in a particular way.

Please keep a copy of the Yogasūtra-s with you for chanting and contemplation. The course is open to all levels. It is an invitation to explore or delve deeper into the traditional, classical yoga approach.

Please do share your questions/ feedback on completion of the course via mail on

Let’s practice!

Cost: $115

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