Intro to Meditation – Wednesday 7am

Intro to Meditation – Wednesday 7am

Wednesday: June 16th, 23rd, 30th, July 7th, 14th
Time: 7am EST/ 4:30pm IST

Each session is 30 mins and the practice is based on principles of Pātañjala Yoga. It comprises of a short 5 min discussion on a chosen topic followed by the practice of prāṇāyāma and praṇava japa guiding one into meditation. The course is for all levels of yoga practitioners and teachers.

0 – 5 min Grounding Awareness
5 – 10 min Knowledge sharing
10 – 20 min Prāṇāyāma
20 – 25 min Praṇava
20 – 30 min Silence and conclusion with Śānti Mantra

1. Bahiraṇga to Antaraṇga – Moving inwards towards meditation
2. Prāṇāyāma and Pratyāhāra – The role of the breath
3. Dhāraṇā – Directing awareness
4. Dhyāna – Meditation
5. Śānti – Peace

Harshvardhan began his yoga practice at a very young age with his mother. In his later years, he felt a desire to learn this ancient tradition which led him to study and practice with traditional yoga masters from the Kaivalyadhama and Krishnamacharya traditions. His keen interest in Yoga Shastra and Sanskrit led him to complete his Masters in Sanskrit and Indic Knowledge Systems from Kerala.