Zoom Recurring Monthly Pass

Zoom Recurring Monthly Pass

To register for the monthly pass, we ask for a minimum donation of 5 cups of coffee in your local currency. If you live in the US and you are a Starbucks coffee drinker, that’s about $5 for a cup of coffee, so $25 for the month. You get the idea. If you are able to afford to donate more, we suggest $100 per month in the US or Europe if you are attending two or more classes per week. But remember, we are still on donation basis, so please do what you can comfortably afford and feel is fair.

When you donate for a monthly pass you’ll create a member log-in, and that will bring you to a page that will have all of the ZOOM links for the month. You will not have to register for classes individually, you can just click on the link, and go straight into the ZOOM room, and you’ll also have access to all of the class replays, including courses. Super VIP, folks.

Due every month

First payment prorated. Next payment: February 1, 2022