Rhythm Flow with Raf and special guest Grace Dubery

Rhythm Flow with Raf and special guest Grace Dubery


Date: June 27th – 1PM – 2.15PM
Cost: $30

Join Raf and Grace for a rejuvenating yoga class designed to harmonize mind, body, and breath. Experience the transformative power of pranayama and a gentle flow of asanas.

In this class we will explore various breathing techniques designed to expand our breath capacity, enhance oxygen flow, and balance our vital energy. Through these practices, we will awaken dormant energies within the body, fostering vitality and a heightened sense of awareness. Transitioning into a slow and mindful flow of asanas, we will gently stretch and strengthen the body, honoring its unique abilities and limitations. Each movement is guided by the rhythm of our breath, allowing us to move with grace and intention, while cultivating a profound sense of presence.

Grace Dubery : Deeply rooted in the Ashtanga Vinyasa system and later influenced by Iyengar, Grace’s teaching style stems from personal exploration. She views the teacher as a bridge between students and the practice, recognizing that yoga extends beyond the mat. Grace is currently based in Lisbon, Portugal where she hosts yoga workshops, teacher training programs, mentorship opportunities and rejuvenating retreats.

Suitable for all levels. Please arrive a few minutes early to set up and bring your yoga mat if possible.

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