Seven Yoga Keys for a Healthy Heart and Mind

Seven Yoga Keys for a Healthy Heart and Mind

With Dr. Indranill Basu Ray and Eddie Stern

$35 for a single lecture
$95 for the entire series
Live on Zoom, with recordings available for one year

Sundays on November 6th, 20th, Dec 4th
10:30am CST / 11:30am EST / 5:30pm CET / 9pm IST

Please join noted cardiologist Dr. Indranill Basu Ray and Yoga instructor Eddie Stern for three talks on Yoga and cardiovascular health. Dr. Basu Ray is the author of the newly released Principles and Practice of Yoga and Cardiovascular Health, which explores an in-depth look at cardiovascular function and all of the research to date that has been done on Yoga and heart health. The talks will be presentations from Dr. Basu Ray, along with Q&A and a discussion with Eddie Stern.

Week 1 November 6th
Basic anatomy and physiology of the heart
Yoga and cardiovascular health
Understanding your power to change yourself and the world
Yoga Keys 1 and 2

Week 2 November 20th
Global burden of cardiovascular disease
Evidence for yoga’s efficacies
Yoga Keys 3 and 4

Week 3 December 4th
Exercise vs yoga
Three hearts, multiple bodies, chakras, brain
Decreasing aging
Concept of soul and evolution in yoga
Yoga Keys 5, 6 and 7

About Dr. Indranill Basu Ray

Dr. Indranill Basu Ray is trained in medicine and cardiology from India and the US. At Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, he received his training in cardiac electrophysiology. He has been in charge of the Experimental EP Lab at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and is a faculty member in Medicine (Cardiology) at Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Basu Ray was born in a middle class Bengali family in Kolkata, India. From a young age he was keenly interested in knowing the secrets of this universe and the entity called ‘God’. This led him to read most of Indian religious and spiritual literature particularly writings of Swami Vivekananda and Maharishi Aurobindo. He has been practicing meditation from the age of six years.

He became a disciple of the powerful and esoteric Yogic system Kriya yoga started by Mahaavatar Babaji, and was initiated by Swami Hariharananda Giri, the direct disciple of Sri Yukteshwar Giri and a Brother disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda. Subsequently he acquired higher kriyas from other guru’s.
He has an enduring interest in Mind-Body Medicine, including research involving brain imaging, hormonal changes, immunological parameters in various states of consciousness and heart disease. Coronary artery disease is the most common killer in the Western Hemisphere. Factors studied include the role of emotions and environmental changes, including adverse environment, in precipitating and sustaining heart diseases. These include the role of meditation, stress reduction and biofeedback on the mind-heart axis to prevent and treat cardiovascular pathology initiated in a stressed organism.

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