The Mind is A Neutral Field – Pink

The Mind is A Neutral Field – Pink


The Mind Is A Neutral Field” Tee is designed by Brooklyn city-based graphic designer, Emma Moore, with a selection of images pulled from Eddie’s archives.

For this round of shirts we chose a heavy weight Gildan long sleeve, perfect for the fall. It was printed in NYC by the t-shirt collective Works In Progress, on East 4th st. The back of the shirt is a four color, layered print, and the fronts of the shirts are hand spray painted and ironed (by Eddie), and you have a choice of either neon pink or neon yellow. These shirts are printed and ready to go.

We have a new shipping system in place, and we are looking forward to our next step up in merchandise professionalism! “The Mind Is A Neutral Field” is a limited edition run of only 65 of these shirts, so grab one while they’re hot! Please check out more of Emma’s work on Instagram: @emma.suze

Our model: Selena Joy @selelenaa / hat by @saturdaysnyc / go there for coffee when in NYC.

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