Yoga Sutras Lectures – Saturday 10AM

Yoga Sutras Lectures – Saturday 10AM

The Yoga Sutras are the foundational teachings of the Yoga philosophy. In this group, we go through the Sutras, which are aphorisms (short sentences) on Yoga, and discuss them.

The Yoga Sutras are basically a text that teaches us how to not only deal with our mind but to go beyond the conventional ideas of what a “mind” is to find deeper layers of experience.

This is an ongoing class that is open to everyone.

And in the Hindu tradition, you can just show up, listen, and not even have to understand completely what’s going on. You are invited to bring your curiosity, we will take care of the rest.

The class is an hour long, and though the philosophy can be challenging, it’s mentally invigorating. Come check it out!