Skills of Ancient India

Skills of Ancient India:
Shared Physical Modalities in Hindu Wrestling, Martial Arts, and Yoga
Taught by Riki Warren and Eddie Stern

Delve into this vast array of traditional Hindu exercises from multiple disciplines including Kalaripayattu, Yoga, Kushti wrestling and Kathak in this 4-week online course led by Riki Warren. Movements covered include Hindu push-ups, Hindu squats, Animal locomotion patterns and Mobility work.

Drawing from thousands of years of ancient Indian culture, Riki will not only coach you through the practical progression and techniques for perfecting these postures and movements, but he’ll also be delivering short lectures explaining the origins, uses and variations that made them popular across all of India’s national and cultural sports/performing arts, eventually becoming embraced by the entire world.

This will be a 90 minute class. Riki will lead the practices for the first hour, and the last 30 minutes will be led by Eddie with simple pranayamas, restorative postures, and mantras to Hanuman.


Dates & Time
February 19th, 26th, March 5th, 12th
7am EST / 12pm GMT

The course is completely by donation – if you cannot afford to donate, please do not worry.
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here are the suggested donation levels for the 4 week course:
US: $100
UK: £90
India: 2000 INR

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Live Class Schedule
Friday 19th February – 12:00pm GMT
Module 1: Dand (Hindu push ups)
– Lecture
– Dandavat
– Yoga dand
– Kushti dand
– Kalari dand
– Hanuman’s dand

Friday 26th February – 12:00pm GMT
Module 2: Baithak (Hindu squats)
– Lecture
– Yoga Baithak
– Kushti Baithak
– Kalari Baithak
– Kathak Baithak
– Hanuman’s Baithak

Friday 5th March – 12:00pm GMT
Module 3: Kalaripayattu Vadivu (Animal forms – beginner)
– Lecture
– Gaja (Elephant)
– Varaha (Boar)
– Simha (Lion)
– Kukuta (Rooster)
– Marjara (Cat)
– Ashva (Horse)
– Sarpa (Snake)
– Matsya (Fish)

Friday 12th March – 12:00pm GMT
Module 4: Mudra and Tatkaar (Hand and foot dexterity/mobility)
– Lecture
– Hand/Wrist mobility
– Foot/Ankle mobility
– Tantra (elemental)
– Yogic (chakra)
– Kathak (worship)

Bios of Riki and Eddie can be found here.