Class Descriptions


Intro to Ashtanga Yoga
This intro class will teach you the fundamentals of Ashtanga Yoga over a six-week period. It is taught by two, young, talented teachers from India, Sonal And Sandeep Sharma. This is an entry level Ashtanga Yoga class, and you will progress at your individual pace, with individual guidance from the teachers, in a small class environment. This class will be held on Zoom, and each course is limited to five people.

One-Hour Asana Practice
This is for those who do not have time for a 1.5 hour Ashtanga Yoga class, or are looking for a less vigorous yoga experience. We will be practicing asanas from both primary and intermediate series, but the order of the sequence slightly different. Inversions comes earlier, there are less jump backs and jump throughs, and fewer lotus or half lotus positions. It is an all-levels class, and though challenging, is less so than an Ashtanga Yoga class.

Kriyas, Bandhas, and Pranayama
Kriyas and bandhas are the foundational, energetic practices of Hatha Yoga, and pranayama is the yogic science of elongating and steadying the breath. The kriyas and bandhas generally speaking, stimulate digestive function, and teach you how to do the inner muscle contractions that are key for the internal practices of yoga asanas, namely mula and uddiyana bandha. Pranayama helps to balance the branches of the nervous system and create a quiet mind conducive to meditation. Though this is an all-levels practice with no breath holds, and suitable for beginners, the simplicity of the practice may not be interesting for those experienced in pranayama. However, all are welcome.

Led Primary
If you are not familiar with Ashtanga Yoga and are new to yoga, it is a good idea to start off with the Intro class before taking this one. Those experienced in yoga but not familiar with Ashtanga Yoga are welcome to try. Please stop when tired, and exercise caution with poses that are unfamiliar to you.

Primary and Half Intermediate
This class will go through the entirety of the primary series, and then continue on to the first half of the Intermediate series up until Kapotasana. Students who are practicing only Primary Series are welcome to attend this class, and stop at whatever point in their practices they have learned up to, or carefully try some new poses if they like.

Led Intermediate
Ability to practice the Ashtanga Yoga Intermediate Sequence up to Dwi Pada Shirshasana is necessary in order to participate in this class. Because of the slightly difficult nature of this class, your video must be turned on so I can see who is attending, and if anyone needs to stop at any particular posture.

Evening Yoga Therapy Class
The class includes about 45 minutes of yoga postures, ten minutes of breathing practices, and a five minute relaxation practice. The sequences will slightly change with each class, but expect there to be some repetition of postures.

Conscious Breath
The Conscious Breath is a 12-part series created for Deepak Chopra’s Chopra Well channel on YouTube. The series is a beginner level pranayama course, but there is a lot of practical and philosophical information contained it is as well. You can see the series ad-free on Eddie’s IGTV (@eddiestern on Instagram).

Yoga Sutra Study Group
This will be an ongoing Yoga Sutra study group. The primary text we will use is Swami Hariharananda’s Yoga Philosophy of Patanjali. Next course on the Sadhana Pada begins late November.