About Us

This page is a little bit about my online Yoga school, and a bit about my areas of focus as a teacher and practitioner.

I’ve been practicing Yoga since 1987, did my first teacher training in 1988, and started teaching at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta center and Jivamukti Yoga Center in 1989. In 1991, I began practicing Ashtanga Yoga and stopped teaching Yoga for a couple of years to focus on learning a system of Yoga that was completely new to me and by which I was captivated. I also started studying Sanskrit and began learning how to chant Sanskrit texts and prayers in a traditional manner. This is really all I have been doing since the late 1980s: studying, learning, and practicing Yoga (and teaching). Hinduism, the tradition that Yoga comes from, and all of its associated philosophies and texts, are an endless ocean of knowledge and information, and there is always something new to learn. With the Indic traditions, there’s no chance of ever becoming bored, or of learning everything!

Around 1995 I opened my first Yoga school in Soho, NYC, and ran that school in various locations until 2019. When the pandemic started in March of 2020, we transitioned to an online program easily, because we no longer actually had a Yoga school. It has been a gratifying experience to develop a global community completely online. Now that a year of online teaching has passed, I’ve found that I really enjoy the global nature of the platform, but it also reminds me a little of how I learned Yoga. It was largely my practicing alone at home with one or two trips to India every year to study; I didn’t do most of my learning in Yoga studios.

As I go into year two of teaching online, I have decided to continue to focus my energy and be present as a teacher in this largely live, online format. To encourage, support, and help you grow your Yoga practice at home. While there are tens of thousands of videos available online, it’s nice to be able to interact with a live teacher and classroom filled with live people even if it’s on Zoom. We’ve experienced that an online community can indeed be nourishing.

So, that is where we are. Our Yoga school now exists here, right on this page and on this platform, and our small team is dedicated to your at-home Yoga experience. We hope that we can help make it a positive one!

Daily Yoga classes can be found on the CLASSES and COURSES page, where you’ll also see our upcoming special classes and events, such as intro classes, meditation, chanting, philosophy and more. New courses are announced each month, but the Yoga schedule stays basically the same.

On our LEARN page you will find a bunch of different tools that you can use for daily practice. The class replays are all free, and there are also some free and paid apps, publications of mine, and other educational video courses that I’ve done. You’ll notice that there are some classes that are only done live, such as the Ashtanga Yoga classes, but some that we record, such as One Hour Asana and Beginner’s Yoga.

That’s basically it! It’s pretty straightforward. We’re here, live, almost every day of the week, and look forward to meeting you. All of our classes are by donation and can be paid in your local currency for whatever the value of a Yoga class is where you live. You’ll find more info on that on the class pages when you check out.

Thank you for being here!

Eddie Stern