Class Descriptions



Mysore practice is a unique approach to learning Yoga. It is a methodology that is aimed at helping you build a regular, individualized routine of yoga practice, using a sequence of poses that is learned slowly, step by step. On the first day of class, you’ll learn Sun Salutations, to stretch and strengthen the whole body and invigorate the breath, a few standing postures to strengthen and stabilize the legs, back, and waist, and meditative postures to calm the nervous system, focus the mind, and steady the breath. You can expect your first class to last about 30 minutes.

In your second class, you’ll repeat what you learned on day one, and then depending on your own body condition and needs, learn the next few postures. If you have a lot of yoga experience, you may learn several of the next postures. If you are brand new to yoga or have done some in the past but haven’t exercised in a few years, are recovering from an illness or accident, you will go more slowly and may learn some therapeutic poses to add into your routine.

This is an individualized approach to yoga. You will not do everything in one go, but learn to be proficient, to a certain degree, in each posture before moving on to the next. If you prefer to try everything all at once, then you will want to try the LED CLASS. It’s also ok to do a mix of led and Mysore practices.


On Sundays we do a practice of pranayama, primary series, and a few poses of the intermediate sequence. If you have been practicing the primary series for some time, you are welcome to come try it. This is a great all-around class, addressing the full range of bodily motions plus including the important breath practices of pranayama. This class is an hour and forty-five minutes long.


This class is comprised of an hour of postures that are drawn from the various Hatha Yoga traditions. The class is geared towards beginning students, but can also be taken as a lighter practice for people who are used to doing more dynamic practices, but also are looking for practices that are balancing and slower, or if you are feeling tired but still want to practice some Yoga. Yoga Sangraha focuses a lot on practices that are deeply calming for the nervous system.


This class is 20 minutes of strength building practices followed by simple asanas and pranayama. We’ll be doing different types of push-ups, planks, hollow body and core strengthening practices, squats, and other exercises that build strength and endurance in different ways. These will be followed by calming, slow held asanas, pranayama, and rest. This is a format of practice I personally do several times per week.


Primaryish is a shortened form of the primary series of Ashtanga Yoga. It is a dynamic pratice, but with less vinyasas and also includes some of the stabilizing sequences from Yoga Sangraha. Energizing and balancing.


This is a meditation using the chanting of the seven Yoga Sutras of Patanjali that describe the transcendent consciousness of Ishvara. It leads into the chanting of Om, followed by a silent meditation. Simple pranayamas are used at the beginning and end of the meditation.

Pranayama, Primary Series, & Intermediate Asanas

The Sunday class is the premiere class of the week, with pranayama or kriya practices, followed by a rotating selection of primary and intermediate asanas that address a full range of body, breath, and mind expansion. It is a dynamic class, with the addition of some of the Yoga Sangraha practices as well.

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