Expanding From Safety: A Cacao and Sound Ceremony

Expanding From Safety: A Cacao and Sound Ceremony


Date: Mar 23 – 6PM to 8PM
Cost: $50

Whether we realize it or not, we take a lot of actions out of feeling unsafe or wanting safety. The on-going wars are nothing but desperate attempts to find a false sense of security through violence. Feeling unsafe manifests itself through emotional signs of fear, loneliness, depression, anxiety; physical signs of tension in the body, digestive issues, feeling tired, insomnia; and spiritual signs of feeling lost and disconnected.

Our body remembers what safety feels like and we have the capability to provide safety to ourselves. Once received, it creates a launchpad for you to expand into your true expression.

This container is an opportunity to connect with the body, to provide and receive safety. With the grounding energy of cacao, and practice of listening, we listen to what safety looks like and surrender to the flow.

Cacao has been used in Mayan and Aztec cultures for thousands of years for spiritual purposes and establishing harmony in the community. The active ingredient in cacao is Theobromine – which translates to “Food of the Gods” in Latin. This molecule is like caffeine but it’s stimulating effects focus on blood flow and heart instead of the nervous system. It has a rather grounding energy and won’t leave you jittery or keep you up at night. Because of the increase in blood flow, it creates a heart-opening experience. It’s common to feel filled with love.

How to Prepare
– Avoid coffee and alcohol up to 6 hrs before
– avoid heavy foods on the day of
– eat a light meal upto 2 hrs before the event
– keep yourself hydrated on the
day of and the previous day

What to Bring
– journal
– water bottle
– yoga mat or something to sit on
– Blanket to make you cozy
– something to cover your eyes

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