DEEP REST: Yoga & Sound

DEEP REST: Yoga & Sound


Date: Thursday 8pm
Teachers: Anuj and Raf
Cost: $30

Deep rest is not something we often think about, or even practice, as a conscious activity. There are many ways to rest that are as restorative aside from sleep, and deep rest is, on some levels, as important as a good night’s sleep. When we are awake we are often in the mode of “doing,” but it’s also quite good for us to sometimes be in a mode of “being” without all the “doing.” In deep rest, we can nourish and restore in purposeful ways.

Many of us have a morning practice, but do we have an evening practice? Do we practice rest?

This class is an offering to balance your active lifestyle. We will slow our breathing, hum to calm the nervous system, and rest in restorative asanas while listening to peaceful sounds from over-tone-rich instruments.

Leave with a feeling of calmness and spaciousness that soothes the body, mind, and spirit, and the deep rest will make engaging with and navigating the world more manageable and joyful.

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