Sound Meditation

Sound Meditation


Dates: Sundays 6PM – 7PM
Cost: $30 / session

Through active listening, we will use sound to reveal reality – the inner workings of your psyche, the subtle movements of energy in your body, and the lens through which you view the world around you. This meditation modality uses overtone-rich sounds to help focus the mind. When our brain is fully engaged in listening to the full harmonics of these overtone-rich instruments, it doesn’t have the capacity nor the need to do something else as it is pretty fascinated by the vibrations it receives. The chatter slows down such that you begin listening with your body instead of just your ears.

The session begins with a short informative talk that will provide you with context and guide you in the work. You will then be invited to lie down on a mat with eyes closed. We will begin with diagrammatic breathing to activate the parasympathetic nervous system and increase oxygen flow to the brain. This helps bring focus to the present moment and tune in with the sensations of the physical body. This will be followed by vocal toning exercises or humming to connect with our own voice and massage the vagus nerve. For the majority of the time we will listen to a wide range of instruments.

About Anuj:
Anuj Godhani is a sound meditation facilitator, practices ashtanga yoga at the temple, and works as a strategy consultant during the day.

Having personally experienced the profound effects of sound in revealing reality and connecting with inner wisdom, Anuj offers sound meditations to communities across the world, team events, and guides one on one work.

For Anuj, teaching this work is a part of his personal journey. He has learned a combination of tools from various teachers that have helped him de-attach from his perception of reality and move past the confinements of the intellect. This embodiment creates a steady foundation for moment-to-moment presence. It allows you to listen to yourself and others.

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